Langhe Bianco

Le Coccinelle

Our first white wine, the idea to create something special is transformed into a bottle. A bland between native and foreign, Arneis meets Viognier to complete each other. The freshness and simplicity of the Piedmontese vine are combined with aromas, warmth and complexity In short, a journey between Piedmont and the Rhône Valley enclosed in a glass.

  • Area of originLa Morra and Dogliani
  • Grape varietyArneis and Viognier
  • Vinification and ageingPart of the must undergoes cold maceration, while the rest is vinified off-skins. The two batches are blended later. Fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks. Matured in stainless steel until the spring following harvest.
  • PerfumeIntense, pervasive with notes of tropical fruit and scents of herbs
  • FlavorPleasantly tangy, fresh and balances with an aftertaste that reflects the olfactory sensations
  • ColorPale straw yellow with slight greenish highlights

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