Dolcetto d'Alba

Filari Lunghi

Dolcetto is the wine of the Piedmontese peasant family, it is an expression of simplicity and freshness. It is a wine that wants to be immediate, in the realization and in the sensations that it transmits. The color is brilliant, lots of fresh red fruit and wild flowers are recognizable in flavor and taste. A nice glass that can match with aperitifs, meals and picnics in the vineyards!

  • Area of originLa Morra
  • Grape variety100% Dolcetto
  • Vinification and ageingGentle grape pressing. Spontaneous fermentation in temperature-controlled steel tanks. Ageing in stainless steel tanks until the next spring, when is bottled.
  • PerfumeFragrant with dense fruit, and evident cherry and raspberry scents
  • FlavorRich and refreshing, with balanced tannin and good persistency
  • ColorRuby with purplish highlights

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